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How to Sell Beats Online

Learn the most effective ways to sell beats online. Many producers making a living by selling beats. Now you can also learn how to sell beats online.

Brand Yourself

The first and probably most important thing for any music producer or beatmaker is their brand. Branding yourself is essential. A brand builds trust, which is usually a deciding factor when it comes to buying anything online. You MUST come up with a unique name that is available as a .COM and on most social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. is the best way to find out if your brand name is available. Now that you have your name, a professional logo representing your brand is equally important. The phrase “Quality Logo Means Quality Business” is right on point. There are many companies online that offer logo design services. Check out Those guys know what they are doing and are pretty fast and reliable.

Website & Beat Market Places

Having your own website is essential. When customers look for your beats, they will often assume that you have a website. Make sure you OWN your "" As you might know the most popular domain name extension is a ".COM" Prices range from $2 to $14 dollars for the year. is the leading provider for domain names. So visit them to get started. If you don't have a website you can always start selling your beats on marketplace sites like, and many others. Just search "Beat Websites" on Google.

Everything on Autopilot

In order to run a successful beat selling business online you need to set 90% of your marketing/tools on autopilot! Your beat store is one of the most important tools to sell your beats. We strongly recommend using one of the following: or Both of these stores will instantly deliver the beats to your customer and simultaneously send you the payment. You will also need an email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results. is one of the best.

Build an Email List

Building an email list of loyal customers is one of the most effective ways to sell beats online. It is also one of the most difficult things to accomplish. There are several different ways you can get this done.

1. Free Beat for Email Address.

There are many music artists out there who will give you their email in exchange for a free beat. This is by far one of the most used ways to build a list.

2. Solo Ads & Squeeze Pages.

Solo Ads are a relevantly new concept used by the top beat sellers. In a nut shell, a solo add is borrowing/renting someone else's email list to send "one email" in exchange for a payment. This could be pretty pricey, but if you send the emails to a squeeze page (where you capture their email in exchange for a free beat) you will obtain quality leads. Learn more about solo ads.

3. Buy a Targeted Email List.

This is obviously the easiest way to build your list. There are several websites that offer this service but only one that caters towards producers and beatmakers. Check out

Follow Up!

Following up with your customers is very beneficial and could easily double your sales. When you sell a beat, try to get back to the buyer as soon as possible. Most pros have this set on autopilot where an email is automatically sent thanking the customer for the purchase and offering a discount or promo code. This works great because the buyer is still in the "purchasing frame of mind".